Frequently Asked Questions:

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Pick up and Delivery

What if I forgot to pick-up my box, or can't make it there in time?

If you choose pickup, You are responsible to pick up your order in our pickup window, Saturdays between 2:30-4:30. If there is an emergency and you can't make it, please notify us ASAP by texting or calling Sabine at 814-321-6961 to make alternate arrangements or delivery.

    Do you deliver to my area?

    We currently deliver to State College, Lemont, Houserville, Boalsburg, as well as Pine Grove Mills on Saturdays.  We will beging delivering to Bellefonte Spring 2024!

    My order

    What if something in my box is damaged or missing?

    If something in your order is damaged, please let us know ASAP at hello@centremarkets, so that we can adjust your invoice.

    It does occasionally happen that an ordered item is out of stock, and we will note that on your packing slip - it will be removed from your final invoice.
    If an item is missing, but is not marked as out of stock on your packing slip, please email us at ASAP and we will adjust your invoice as needed.

    Do you accept SNAP ?

    We are currently not eligible to accept SNAP, but plan to accept it in 2024, as soon as we are eligible.


    Is there a fee to shop online?

    We charge a $5 handling fee per order, regardless of size. This fee goes towards our overhead expenses, including rent, packaging, online sales platform and staff.

    Is there a delivery fee?

    We charge a $6 delivery fee, in addition to our $5 handling fee. Gas and commercial car insurance (and winter tires) aren't cheap.

    Payments and Gift Certificates

    I have a Gift Certificate - how do I use it?

    Your Gift Certificate comes with a Code, which can be entered at checkout. Lost your code? Email us and we may be able to help.

    Why does my credit card not get charged right away?

    We generally process credit cards within 2 days of order pick-up/delivery.  That allows us to adjust your invoice for any items that may have been out of stock, and to adjust cost for meat items that have a variable cost and are charged by weight.

    Packaging & Recycling

    Do you reuse egg cartons and glass jars?

    Yes - please return CLEAN used egg cartons and glass jars from any of our vendors.  We always have a cart for returnables at our pickup location to collect them. For deliveries - just leave your returnables out by your front door where we can easily see them.  We use the honor system and trust you return glass jars and growlers.  We do not collect deposits.

    We also collect paperboard cereal boxes for Jabebo, which upcycles them into gorgeous earrings. Cereal boxes only please.

    What's up with the Green Bio-Bags?

    We strive to use minimal packaging to reduce our carbon footprint.  Any produce packaged by Centre Markets is generally in green Bio-bags - these are biodegradable and while they are great for getting your produce home safely, your greens will NOT store well in these breathable bags.  Please use packaging that you already have on hand to repackage any produce you receive in the green biobags.


    I'd like to partner with Centre Markets - what does it take to become a vendor?

    Please reach out to Sabine at, so that we can provide you with details.  Our vendors are required to carry business liability insurance, as well as documentation for necessary licensing as applicable (PDA inspection, commercial kitchen license).